Utilities and Energy


Energy companies that succeed will be those that can expand into non-traditional markets by shaping their products and services to new and existing customers. Our business intelligence solutions have helped energy and utility companies redefine their business. By carrying out trend analysis and tracking the day-to-day operations across all parts of the business, companies can react immediately to market opportunities or threats.

Business intelligence solutions help energy companies in many ways, by enabling them to:

  • Optimize the supply chain by providing data access to suppliers, distributors, and customers to enhance performance and responsiveness (all while reducing costs)
  • Improve stock control by providing visibility across the organization and supply chain to enhance just-in-time management and reduce excess inventory
  • Minimize procurement inefficiencies by analyzing supplier performance, and driving negotiations and pricing structures
  • Respond quickly to market opportunities by tracking and analyzing operational data from inventory, financial, point-of-sale, and marketing
  • Differentiate and refine product offering by analyzing historical information and assessing product profitability on a geographic basis
  • Strengthen customer relationships and increase their value by tracking customer behavior and service issues, better targeting promotions, and improving service deliver