Financial Services

Risk Management

Risk management solutions consolidate mountains of risk data from systems and spreadsheets into a risk data warehouse. Integrating with an in-house risk model or third-party calculation vendor, our solutions make risk information available via dashboards and automatically created and distributed reports. With access to risk data and the ability to drill down and explore, it also empowers your risk professionals.

Our solutions can help provide answers like:
  • What is the risk concentration by geography, industry, or product?
  • What are major credit risks in each line of business?
  • What significant draws or approvals are there this month?
  • How can I distribute timely risk information across the company?
  • How can I collect, manage and report on operational risk events?
  • How can I track and monitor Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)?
  • How can I analyze and report risk assessments to show priority problem departments?
Customer Insight

Customer insight solutions turns your company into a customer-focused organization and lets you increase revenues and profit. Using our solutions, each member of your organization can access, analyze, and understand customer data. Mountains of customer data from multiple sources is consolidated and made available via automatically created and distributed reports and dashboards.

These reports can be used by employees in sales, product marketing, branch offices, and management roles.
  • Identify and segment profitable customers.
  • Improve the success rate of marketing campaigns by generating and using more accurate and up-to-date customer lists.
  • Improve your cross-sell and up-sell ratio by better identifying additional opportunities based on a more accurate customer profile
Planning, Budgeting and Financial Reporting

Align your bank behind the factors that drive financial success. We offer planning solutions targeted to the needs of your organization, providing comprehensive solutions for financial services. Our solutions allow you to:
  • Drive accuracy and accountability in your net interest margin projections and understand the intricacies of growing your balance sheet and the impact in changes in interest rates.
  • Align your frontline employees with strategy, reduce errors and promote a pay for performance culture
  • Automate creation of margin reports combining income and balance sheet data and giving information insight to make actionable decisions