With our rich experience working in various businesses in high-tech manufacturing industry, Ventus Global is well-positioned to customise SAP solution for the Wholesale/Distribution industry. We enable our clients to:
  • Improve their customer and supplier management, using SAP to engage in collaborative forecasting with suppliers and customers
  • Optimise inventory service levels and forecast inventory demand by using SAP to help in tracking key information from customers, suppliers and logistics service providers and hence provide accurate, real-time tracking of all transactions. We also help our clients to streamline warehouse, transportation and order management operations
  • Implement RFID tracking. Ventus Global can implement, configure and support cutting-edge RFID SAP solutions that will increase warehouse productivity and improve materials handling.  
  • Deliver value-added services by using SAP to help implement a range of value-added services such as vendor-managed inventory and detailed invoicing with profitability tracking and analysis. We also help our clients tailor a range of SAP applications for the wholesale distribution segment including internet sales, call-centre management, customer-information management and re-packaging
  • Enhance cost recovery by using SAP to support their charge-back processes for reimbursements based on special agreements. We customise the SAP system to enable intelligent data-capturing, subsequent invoicing and control of charge-back agreements and we can deploy capability for tracking and managing bonuses to facilitate optimal use of financial agreements with suppliers.